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Fall Fashion Trends for 2012

Classy and classic are the features to look for when buying clothes for this fall! Soon enough this heat will turn into cool days and even cooler nights, leaving us with sweater weather. But before you clear out your closet of your favorite sundresses in favor of knee-high boots, take note of these trends that are sure to be defining this upcoming fall season!

#1.  Jewel tones. Jewel tones this fall will be huge, whether you are wearing a burgundy jacket or plum skinny jeans. Colored jeans are here to stay for the fall. The colors have just gone from bright vibrant colored to more muted tones.

Patterson Kincaid star Blazer

#2.  Floral. Floral has been a big hit since spring and this trends is going to carry right on into fall. Floral tops, denim and even pumps are going to be a big hit! Even wearing floral from head-to-toe will be see this fall!

#3.  Blazers. Gone are the days of a fitted blazer, the new trend is an over-sized, un-constructed blazer. This will be the choice of outwear this fall!

#4.  Sweaters.This fall’s warm-and-fuzzy knits come in a spectrum of colors and patterns and a wide variety of silhouettes—from traditional fit to graphic, oversize rock ’n’ roll, sure to keep you warm and cozy this fall!

#5.  Plaid. Plaid is back! Especially in reds and blacks!
With fall just around the corner be sure to get out and pick up these fall fashions! Stop in at Sassy Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm to see our selection of these trends.

What other fall fashion do you see being a trends this fall?



Refinery 29


Coming Soon: Just Oscar!

Calling all fashionistas! Oscar Adames, J Brands denim fit specialist, is coming to Sassy October 20th. Oscar has been working for J Brand, with one of the best fashion/denim teams in the business, since 2006.

Oscar says his favorite thing about working with J brand is meeting new customers and helping them find “The Perfect Jean”. This event will give you and Oscar the opportunity to find your style and fit.

Here are some fit tips from Oscar Adames:

– The “smile lines” on your upper hamstring and below your behind do not mean the jeans are too tight when you’re trying them on. As the jeans stretch out, these lines will smooth out.

– If you are concerned about gapping in the back of your jeans, a little give when you pull on them is just fine. If there isn’t any room, then your jeans are too tight and will cut into your waist. Basically, if they lay flat without you touching them, the waist fits.

So mark your calendars if you want a personal J Brand fitting by Oscar!


J Brand


Denim vs. Twill

Denim is a material used to make a style of pants called Jeans. Jeans can also be made out of twill fabrics which are lighter in weight and not woven the same as denim. Denim first appeared in Italy where the cloth makers there were trying to copy a French fabric, corduroy. Their efforts resulted not in corduroy but in a rugged twill where the weaving thread passes through and under two or more warp threads (the length wise threads held in place to weave through) making a sturdy twill with diagonal lines or ridges.

This first version of denim was known as “serge de Nimes” where it was first woven. Through time, it was called just “serge”. Our word denim combines ” de” and “nimes”. The first serge fabric was made from wool and later cotton as we know it today.

Genovese sailors using serge for their sails thought to make the fabric into a pant and died it indigo.  Hence blue denim is the fabric and blue jean’s is the style of pants. Jeans traditionally had pocket grommets to strengthen the fabric for workers carrying tools in their jeans. Over time, grommets are only for decoration if they are used at all. The style jean has 5 pockets with two in the back and three in front, the smallest inside the right front pocket is a coin pocket.

So today we have jean styles made from denim and thinner twill and without the double weaver used in denim.

Most jeans have a stretch to them called spandex or Lycra (which is the brand name for spandex) Traditional jeans are blue, but in today’s fashion jeans have become so important that they are available in all kinds of color and patterns. Whether you like denim jeans or lighter twill jeans, jeans are everywhere and with so many styles, you can find a style and fabric which best suits you.

Do you have a favorite jean? Do you prefer original denim or some of the lighter weight twill?

Freeze away the Germs on your Denim: Fact or Fiction?

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that you hate to wash? Afraid they’ll lose their shape?

Some claim that an alternative to washing jeans is to freeze them. The idea is to put them in the freezer, in a Ziploc back, for 24 to 48 hours to kill the bacteria.

Is it true or bust?

In a typical lifetime, a pair of jeans can use up to 919 gallons of water through repeated washing, according to The New York Times . The less people wash their jeans, the better their jeans become. Denim really does shape to people’s bodies, and when you wash your jeans you lose some of that shape. So does this mean stop washing your jeans?

Of course not!

Rumor has it that freezing your jeans will kill the germs that make them smelly! And that’s preciously what it is – a rumor! Freeze-cleaning doesn’t remove dirt or dust, and certainly does not remove stains.

Most of the bacteria on your jeans typically start off on your own body as bacteria prefer to live on human skin. You might think that if the temperature drops to freezing that bacteria will not survive, but that’s a fallacy. According to Stephen Craig Cary, Professor of Marine Biosciences at the University of Delaware, it takes only one to survive to repopulate your jeans when they warm up!

Jeans should be washed in cold water inside out and flat dry. If you want to tighten them up a bit, try hot water, and if you have too much length, you also can dry in the dryer to get more shrinkage. Be careful with drying jeans in the dryer because your jeans can shrink a lot with repeated dryings.

Washing is still the number one way to clean your jeans. Freezing your jeans sounds like a great idea, but it’s probably not doing anything more than taking up space better left for refreshing treats on these hot summer days.

Have you tried to freeze your denim? If not, have you found an alternative to washing jeans?



Eat, Sleep, Denim

Denim Inspiration!

Denim inspiration is everywhere on the fashion scene. Nothing should keep you from the season’s hottest denim. The new blue jean, an indispensable element of any wardrobe, it is all about silhouette, detail, and comfort. Jean styles come in twill and cotton fabrics, in fun colors and patterns; these fabrics give color a more solid, uniformed look. Denim comes in great colors and patterns and tends to have a more worn/vintage look.  Heels add sexy to any of the new trendy jeans, especially when the cut is an ankle length skinny.

Pattern: Patterns are “in”- and graphic skinnies top the season’s trends. Some of the muted colored backgrounds transition into the cool autumn days.

Neon:  Try a “wow!” neon color jean, paired with a plain white or black tee or simple button down blouse. Stripes tees are also a trendy option to pair with neon or other colored jeans.

Animal: Animal prints are everywhere in the fashion world! The prints can be paired with neutral colored tops or perhaps, a top matching one of the colors in the print.

Share your favorite way to wear this season’s hottest trends!

Floral, Denim, Neon or Comfy Shorts!

Paige Floral Shorts

The warm season is upon us and with all the different styles of shorts out there you may be wondering where to start.

What length can I pull off? What about colors and patterns? What style will make me feel comfortable? And because the selection is so overwhelming, it could be frustrating to go shopping for shorts without any idea of what will work best for you.

If you have long, slim legs you can pretty much pick any style. Those with shorter legs have to sort through their options more carefully. If you’re shorter, find a lengthier pair that give you the appearance of a longer leg, but even then you can go anywhere from mid-thigh to Bermuda length.

Just remember, a proper fit is important. Ill-fitting shorts in any style are never flattering.

Made to Fade Rose Mini Shorts

Women of all shapes and sizes should not shy away from wearing colored shorts. Shorts in bright blue, aqua and green, shocking pink, lavish coral and lime can all be worn if properly matched with the right top.

A bright-colored short will look freshest for this summer! Pair it with a more neutral top to balance the look out.

In addition to some colorful shorts, you should also have a few neutral staples in khaki, navy, black and white to pair with more colorful and patterned tops.

Printed or floral shorts should be pair with something simple or pair it with a blouse and heels for an uptown look or keep it “weekend casual” with sandals and a T-shirt.

Beige Monrow Shorts

If you prefer a more casual feel, try a pajama style. Keep the look consistent with a button-up blouse or a light sweater, and top it off with a structured blazer. No matter how you wear it, you certainly won’t be short on style.

How do you wear your shorts?

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How to Wear Neon

Neon today may look like a flashback to the 80’s but truth be told it is a lot more tasteful and can be worn by women of all ages. Neon colors are no longer considered a faux pas in fashion. Fashion experts can experiment with the endless palette of colors during the season, creating real outfit masterpieces.

Not sure how to go about it without looking ridiculous? First, deciding how bold you want to go. Wearing neon will bring a lot of attention your way, so if you’re shy start incorporating these colors slowly. Second, just like any basic color that may or may not look good with your skin tone, neon can also have this effect. Be sure that the color(s) you choose don’t make your skin appear to be unhealthy or washed out by trying on the garments first.

Here are some tips on how to wear neon clothes that will help get you on your way.
– Wear neutral and simple colors. Black and white as well as beige and khaki are perfect choices.
– Accessories are also very important. One neon colored piece in your outfit is enough to create the proper atmosphere, so don’t spoil it with hoops and bangles.
– Neon colored dresses are really enchanting if you pair them with cork wedges and a white bag.
– Wearing neon on the lower half of our body is easier because bright colors are not close to your face.
– Place the neon piece of clothing on the favorite part of your body, because it will immediately attract others’ attention.  If you’re blessed with womanly curves, avoid wearing it on your thickest part.

Wearing neon clothes can be fun, energetic and can brighten up your mood. So go ahead and enjoy neon!

Do you own any neon clothes? How do you wear them?