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Not all Jeans are Created Equal

March 7, 2012


The reasons to buy premium denim include: fabric, fit, comfort and longevity. While denim had been reserved for farmers, factory workers and tough guys, the high fashion brands introduced higher price denim in the 1970s. Lucky Brand was the first to produce jeans retailing in excess of $100. In the 1990s with intense marketing and celebrity support, high end denim spread nationally and abroad praised for its feel and fit.

Fit is the first reason we shell out the big bucks on our jeans. Premium denim designers use “fit models” to get that absolute perfect derriere in each pair. Positioning of pockets and cut through the thighs and calves all help to give the illusion of a firm rear and long thin legs. Every woman is unique, so it is important to work with a sales associate who is well versed in the various fits each line offers and the differences in the varying brands. Also jeans can vary depending on their stretchiness. Try some different ones on to see what amount of stretch is comfortable and flattering on you.

Designer denim lines start with the best fabrics in terms of durability and retention of fit. The tighter the stretch component is woven, the better the “memory” in the fabric. It costs more to get the higher grade fabrics. The attention to the feel of the fabric, the “hand” in the biz, raises costs as well. Anything produced in whole or part in the USA has inherent higher labor costs, but has become quite desirable in the last several years.

Comfort is also a key player in buying jeans. Get a pair that look great on you and move about a bit to see how the fabric stretches on your body. Everybody has a different opinion on the level of tightness, so test yours out and get the tightest fit that you are comfortable with that looks terrific. Denim will stretch some as you wear it, that’s why it is important to move around in them before you decide.  Washing your denim usually brings back the original fit of the jeans.

Finally, longevity is another reason we are willing to pay the price of premium denim. Not only are the fabrics durable, but with the styling and fit, you will want to wear them for a long time. Once you have the feel and the fit of this kind of denim, you will never want anything else. Be ready for the compliments from your friends!


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