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Top 4 Ways to Wear Colored Jeans

March 22, 2012


Colored jeans are a trend many fashionistas love to wear. You can create bright, trendy and fun looks with them with only a few style tricks and with minimal accessories. Colored jeans can be a single stand-out piece in a look.

We were initially told that we have to let our colored jeans be the dominant color in a look and to wear with only basic pieces to team with them, we´re now on the lookout for new, more creative ways of wearing them.

In order to embrace color without going too loud and too bold is by creating a casual look with your colored jeans. Team a pair of rich pink jeans with the safest item in your closet, a denim shirt or a denim cropped jacket for a not over-committing look.

Pairing a blue blouse top to your bright red skinny jeans is something not everyone would expect. Blue brings out the elements of red, and with green structured satchel, this colorful trendy look is complete.  Suggestion: wear black pumps to polish everything and put on a cute red necklace for a suave appeal.

A playful and casual look is yellow colored jeans with a light cardigan, to emphasize the color go with a rich yellow pumps to go with the jeans. A black shoulder bag to match and it brings contrast to the yellows.

A great combination is a black and white striped sweater paired with orange skinny jeans and tiny polka dot purse bag. There is something really luscious about this outfit. With sexy, very sophisticated black pumps, you´ve got what it takes.

With these fashionistas tips in your arsenal you are sure to be able to tackle any pair of jeans and make a great outfit.

What great outfits have you made with your colored jeans?


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