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The Best Denim Picks For Your Body Shape: Part II

April 18, 2012

Body Type: Straight

Jean Frustration: Do you feel like you are being drowned out by all the fabric? Think less is more?

Jean Solution No. 1: Seam-detailed Skinnies

A good lean fit can actually create curves, hugging even the slightest contours, making this style perfect for boyish builds. Look for styles made of thicker material and no stretch. A straight-across waistband that sits just below the belly button helps too, cutting at the widest part of the body for a feminine look. These have an angled seam down the legs, which makes you appear more shapely.

Jean Solution No. 2: Bright Skinnies

Color can be your saving grace because it’s eye-catching and accentuates your natural silhouette. A thick, angled waistband adds a curvy effect.

Jean Solution No. 3: Super-Tapered Skinnies

This ultra-fitted pair hugs the body close, and the bottom is really tapered for a calf-skimming fit that fakes shapely legs.

Body Type: Petite

Jean Frustration: Are your jeans always too long and you have to have them tailored?

Jean Solution No. 1: Low-rise Cropped

A shorter inseam, 28″ suits most, tends to fit just at or above the ankle for a cute, jaunty effect on this body type. The low rise on this pair elongates the torso, adding some extra inches of height.

Jean Solution No. 2: Distressed Cropped

Skinny styles that are a bit longer also work wonders for petites; just look for a tapered ankle (wide legs are too bulky) and roll up the hem for a cute cuffed look. Because this pair is one color, the cuffs don’t interrupt the lines of the jeans, making you look taller.

Jean Solution No. 3: Baggy Cropped

A straight, fitted pair with slack in the knees moves the whole proportion up–and thereby elongating your torso.

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