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How to Wear White

May 2, 2012

Many have love/hate relationship with white clothes! On one hand, we love them because they are perfect for those warm spring or summer days when wearing a dark color is simply not an option! On the other hand, white can have an unflattering look if not paired correctly.

But, if worn with a few simple rules in mind, the cool hue can be your number one summer must-have! Here are a few look-cute tips:

1: Keep it free and loose. This is really the most important rule for wearing white tops. Avoid anything that is too tight – opt for silhouettes that float away from the body. (Wearing looser garments may seem counter-intuitive if you are trying to avoid looking bigger than you actually are, but nothing makes a girl look like she is busting at the seams (literally) than clothes that are pulling and stretched.) But with white jeans the rule is a bit different. A lot of people go up a size in white, but white jeans are supposed to be fitted, not loose. I would suggest if a woman feels bigger than wear a longer looser top!!

2: Pair it with summer’s brightest hues. White is tough to pull off, so rock a bright top. Colors like coral, hot pink, orange and turquoise are universally flattering and make everyone look fresh and pretty.

3: Use white as an accent. Not sure what to wear with that bold summer print? White accessories could be the answer! Add a white cardigan to any printed summer dress or try adding chunky jewelry or a handbag to remedy your white fix without going overboard.

Armed with these three rules, there’s no fearing white!  Wear it confidently to keep you cool while looking sizzling hot!

Do you have any other tips to add white to your wardrobe?


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