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How to Wear Neon

May 16, 2012

Neon today may look like a flashback to the 80’s but truth be told it is a lot more tasteful and can be worn by women of all ages. Neon colors are no longer considered a faux pas in fashion. Fashion experts can experiment with the endless palette of colors during the season, creating real outfit masterpieces.

Not sure how to go about it without looking ridiculous? First, deciding how bold you want to go. Wearing neon will bring a lot of attention your way, so if you’re shy start incorporating these colors slowly. Second, just like any basic color that may or may not look good with your skin tone, neon can also have this effect. Be sure that the color(s) you choose don’t make your skin appear to be unhealthy or washed out by trying on the garments first.

Here are some tips on how to wear neon clothes that will help get you on your way.
– Wear neutral and simple colors. Black and white as well as beige and khaki are perfect choices.
– Accessories are also very important. One neon colored piece in your outfit is enough to create the proper atmosphere, so don’t spoil it with hoops and bangles.
– Neon colored dresses are really enchanting if you pair them with cork wedges and a white bag.
– Wearing neon on the lower half of our body is easier because bright colors are not close to your face.
– Place the neon piece of clothing on the favorite part of your body, because it will immediately attract others’ attention.  If you’re blessed with womanly curves, avoid wearing it on your thickest part.

Wearing neon clothes can be fun, energetic and can brighten up your mood. So go ahead and enjoy neon!

Do you own any neon clothes? How do you wear them?


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