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Freeze away the Germs on your Denim: Fact or Fiction?

June 27, 2012

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that you hate to wash? Afraid they’ll lose their shape?

Some claim that an alternative to washing jeans is to freeze them. The idea is to put them in the freezer, in a Ziploc back, for 24 to 48 hours to kill the bacteria.

Is it true or bust?

In a typical lifetime, a pair of jeans can use up to 919 gallons of water through repeated washing, according to The New York Times . The less people wash their jeans, the better their jeans become. Denim really does shape to people’s bodies, and when you wash your jeans you lose some of that shape. So does this mean stop washing your jeans?

Of course not!

Rumor has it that freezing your jeans will kill the germs that make them smelly! And that’s preciously what it is – a rumor! Freeze-cleaning doesn’t remove dirt or dust, and certainly does not remove stains.

Most of the bacteria on your jeans typically start off on your own body as bacteria prefer to live on human skin. You might think that if the temperature drops to freezing that bacteria will not survive, but that’s a fallacy. According to Stephen Craig Cary, Professor of Marine Biosciences at the University of Delaware, it takes only one to survive to repopulate your jeans when they warm up!

Jeans should be washed in cold water inside out and flat dry. If you want to tighten them up a bit, try hot water, and if you have too much length, you also can dry in the dryer to get more shrinkage. Be careful with drying jeans in the dryer because your jeans can shrink a lot with repeated dryings.

Washing is still the number one way to clean your jeans. Freezing your jeans sounds like a great idea, but it’s probably not doing anything more than taking up space better left for refreshing treats on these hot summer days.

Have you tried to freeze your denim? If not, have you found an alternative to washing jeans?



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