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How to Wear White

Many have love/hate relationship with white clothes! On one hand, we love them because they are perfect for those warm spring or summer days when wearing a dark color is simply not an option! On the other hand, white can have an unflattering look if not paired correctly.

But, if worn with a few simple rules in mind, the cool hue can be your number one summer must-have! Here are a few look-cute tips:

1: Keep it free and loose. This is really the most important rule for wearing white tops. Avoid anything that is too tight – opt for silhouettes that float away from the body. (Wearing looser garments may seem counter-intuitive if you are trying to avoid looking bigger than you actually are, but nothing makes a girl look like she is busting at the seams (literally) than clothes that are pulling and stretched.) But with white jeans the rule is a bit different. A lot of people go up a size in white, but white jeans are supposed to be fitted, not loose. I would suggest if a woman feels bigger than wear a longer looser top!!

2: Pair it with summer’s brightest hues. White is tough to pull off, so rock a bright top. Colors like coral, hot pink, orange and turquoise are universally flattering and make everyone look fresh and pretty.

3: Use white as an accent. Not sure what to wear with that bold summer print? White accessories could be the answer! Add a white cardigan to any printed summer dress or try adding chunky jewelry or a handbag to remedy your white fix without going overboard.

Armed with these three rules, there’s no fearing white!  Wear it confidently to keep you cool while looking sizzling hot!

Do you have any other tips to add white to your wardrobe?


The Best Denim Picks For Your Body Shape: Part II

Body Type: Straight

Jean Frustration: Do you feel like you are being drowned out by all the fabric? Think less is more?

Jean Solution No. 1: Seam-detailed Skinnies

A good lean fit can actually create curves, hugging even the slightest contours, making this style perfect for boyish builds. Look for styles made of thicker material and no stretch. A straight-across waistband that sits just below the belly button helps too, cutting at the widest part of the body for a feminine look. These have an angled seam down the legs, which makes you appear more shapely.

Jean Solution No. 2: Bright Skinnies

Color can be your saving grace because it’s eye-catching and accentuates your natural silhouette. A thick, angled waistband adds a curvy effect.

Jean Solution No. 3: Super-Tapered Skinnies

This ultra-fitted pair hugs the body close, and the bottom is really tapered for a calf-skimming fit that fakes shapely legs.

Body Type: Petite

Jean Frustration: Are your jeans always too long and you have to have them tailored?

Jean Solution No. 1: Low-rise Cropped

A shorter inseam, 28″ suits most, tends to fit just at or above the ankle for a cute, jaunty effect on this body type. The low rise on this pair elongates the torso, adding some extra inches of height.

Jean Solution No. 2: Distressed Cropped

Skinny styles that are a bit longer also work wonders for petites; just look for a tapered ankle (wide legs are too bulky) and roll up the hem for a cute cuffed look. Because this pair is one color, the cuffs don’t interrupt the lines of the jeans, making you look taller.

Jean Solution No. 3: Baggy Cropped

A straight, fitted pair with slack in the knees moves the whole proportion up–and thereby elongating your torso.

The Best Denim Picks For Your Body Shape: Part I

Denim can be tricky to fit your body type! Whether you’re long and lean or curvy all over, finding the right pair of jeans can be a difficult task. Check out the best styles for your shape.

Body Type: Full Hips and Thighs

Jean Frustration: Do you exercise a lot and have big thighs? Hate when you find jeans to fit over your legs then the waist is too big?

Jean Solution No. 1: Flat-Front Flares

The best style for those with full hips and thighs is a flare. These are built to accommodate curves and the wide leg at the bottom balances out the proportion. Keep things lean by choosing a style that billows out below the knee for a straight line from the tummy to thighs. A flat-front, slightly high waist and slim pockets prevent any extra bulk.

Jean Solution No. 2: Dark-Wash, Floor-Skimming Flares

A dark wash is super-flattering because it hides any lumps and bumps. To flatter the hips, choose a style that is ultra-simple, minus any bells and whistles that can attract unwanted attention to certain areas. The extra length adds height, too.

Jean Solution No. 3: Distressed, ’70s-Style Flares

If you want to go for a faded wash, look for distressed styles that have whiskered details right across the hips to draw the eye in. This pair also has an exaggerated bell cuff that makes your bottom look narrow. Pair with a sweet floral shirt for a flirty take on one of spring’s hottest trends: the ’70s.

Body Type: Hourglass

Jean Frustration: Do you find that most jeans cut off at the torso in the wrong spot? Do you feel that this makes you look shorter than you really are?

Jean Solution No. 1: High-Waisted Trousers 

It may seem counterintuitive, but jeans that hit above a natural waist (look for a pretty high rise, like 9″ to 13″) make hourglass shapes look even more defined, as they cinch in a tummy and accentuate curves. This pair has an extra high rise that tucks everything in for a gentle corseted effect.

Jean Solution No. 2: High-Waisted and Cropped

A slightly cropped style accentuates an hourglass’ curves even further, like this pair, which hits right at the ankle. Add a  tucked-in striped top adds emphasis to the slimmest part of your body.


Jean Solution No. 3: High-Waisted Skinnies

This type of jean has a contoured waistband (it appears cut on an angle when the jeans lie flat), which hugs the tummy close to prevent any gapping.

Body Type: Curvy

Jean Frustration: All curves are not created equal and not all curves are in the same exact places!

Jean Solution No. 1: Faded Boot Cuts

Boot cut is the best style for this body type because the clean lines and a straight fit throughout the leg streamline everything. Look for pairs that have at least two percent spandex for just a little stretch, and a low rise so they don’t cut into a tummy. These have fading throughout the knees, highlighting the narrowest part of the silhouette.

Jean Solution No. 2: Distressed Boot Cuts

Artful distressing, like whisker details and fading across the hips make for a slimmer shape,  as the lighter details fade into the darker material that acts as camouflage.

Jean Solution No. 3: Long Boot Cut

Floor-skimming styles create the illusion of height (especially when you add heels!), which slims a shape. This pair has a slight flare at the bottom (avoid super-tapered legs) that eliminates any appearance of top-heaviness.


Top 4 Ways to Wear Colored Jeans


Colored jeans are a trend many fashionistas love to wear. You can create bright, trendy and fun looks with them with only a few style tricks and with minimal accessories. Colored jeans can be a single stand-out piece in a look.

We were initially told that we have to let our colored jeans be the dominant color in a look and to wear with only basic pieces to team with them, we´re now on the lookout for new, more creative ways of wearing them.

In order to embrace color without going too loud and too bold is by creating a casual look with your colored jeans. Team a pair of rich pink jeans with the safest item in your closet, a denim shirt or a denim cropped jacket for a not over-committing look.

Pairing a blue blouse top to your bright red skinny jeans is something not everyone would expect. Blue brings out the elements of red, and with green structured satchel, this colorful trendy look is complete.  Suggestion: wear black pumps to polish everything and put on a cute red necklace for a suave appeal.

A playful and casual look is yellow colored jeans with a light cardigan, to emphasize the color go with a rich yellow pumps to go with the jeans. A black shoulder bag to match and it brings contrast to the yellows.

A great combination is a black and white striped sweater paired with orange skinny jeans and tiny polka dot purse bag. There is something really luscious about this outfit. With sexy, very sophisticated black pumps, you´ve got what it takes.

With these fashionistas tips in your arsenal you are sure to be able to tackle any pair of jeans and make a great outfit.

What great outfits have you made with your colored jeans?

Not all Jeans are Created Equal


The reasons to buy premium denim include: fabric, fit, comfort and longevity. While denim had been reserved for farmers, factory workers and tough guys, the high fashion brands introduced higher price denim in the 1970s. Lucky Brand was the first to produce jeans retailing in excess of $100. In the 1990s with intense marketing and celebrity support, high end denim spread nationally and abroad praised for its feel and fit.

Fit is the first reason we shell out the big bucks on our jeans. Premium denim designers use “fit models” to get that absolute perfect derriere in each pair. Positioning of pockets and cut through the thighs and calves all help to give the illusion of a firm rear and long thin legs. Every woman is unique, so it is important to work with a sales associate who is well versed in the various fits each line offers and the differences in the varying brands. Also jeans can vary depending on their stretchiness. Try some different ones on to see what amount of stretch is comfortable and flattering on you.

Designer denim lines start with the best fabrics in terms of durability and retention of fit. The tighter the stretch component is woven, the better the “memory” in the fabric. It costs more to get the higher grade fabrics. The attention to the feel of the fabric, the “hand” in the biz, raises costs as well. Anything produced in whole or part in the USA has inherent higher labor costs, but has become quite desirable in the last several years.

Comfort is also a key player in buying jeans. Get a pair that look great on you and move about a bit to see how the fabric stretches on your body. Everybody has a different opinion on the level of tightness, so test yours out and get the tightest fit that you are comfortable with that looks terrific. Denim will stretch some as you wear it, that’s why it is important to move around in them before you decide.  Washing your denim usually brings back the original fit of the jeans.

Finally, longevity is another reason we are willing to pay the price of premium denim. Not only are the fabrics durable, but with the styling and fit, you will want to wear them for a long time. Once you have the feel and the fit of this kind of denim, you will never want anything else. Be ready for the compliments from your friends!